Visit one of the largest caves in Portugal with a subterranean river: the Soprador do Carvalho (activity of 4 hours for groups up to 8 people). 25€/person

6a3217d8-7ff6-4d98-8019-9c24bdba433bThe cave Soprador do Carvalho (also known as Talismã) was discovered in 1992 by an inhabitant of Ferrarias. So far researchers have mapped 3000 meters but they estimate the grotto has 4500 meters. Definitely it’s the most extensive cave of Sicó Massif and is one of the largest in Portugal, with and underground river with unique features.

Additional Information: The activity includes the equipment needed for the descent excluding transportation to the cave site, meals and other personal expenses. Takes place in Ferrarias implying a minimum route of 18km (distance from Uma Casa Portuguesa to the village: 9.4km). The starting time will be defined up to 3 days before the activity. The meeting point will be CISED (at Ferrarias, Penela).

Limitations: the visit can be cancelled every time the meteorological conditions threaten the visitor’s security (usually after heavy rain periods).

Tips: Bring comfortable shoes and clothes (be prepared for the weather: cold, rain or sun) and do not forget your waterproof camera.