Kayaking through Mondego Estuary is an amazing way to meet its ecosystem (one day activity for groups up to 6 people).240€/group

e5c1f549-bf0c-4ba0-a37a-58fe73f14365The Mondego River estuary is a major salt-center of Portugal, still in operation. A kayak ride in these calm waters is an alternative way to meet the labyrinthine channels between salt, ponds and river islands, enjoying a unique view of this ecosystem. It is no coincidence that this is one of the best observation points of waders in the central region of Portugal.

Additional Information: The activity includes guide, picnic, and insurance excluding transport to the location and other personal expenses. Takes place in Mondego River Mouth, implying a minimum route of 188km (distance from Uma Casa Portuguesa to the mouth: 94km). The starting time and the meeting point will be defined up to 3 days before the activity.

Tips: Bring comfortable shoes and clothes (be prepared for the weather: cold, rain or sun) and do not forget your camera.