We are inspired by Portugal: from the landscapes to the people, from the cultural practices to the heritage, from the flavors to the diversity of natural resources! By the country from the past with peculiar traditions and the contemporary Portugal that looks towards the future.

We wanted to promote and divulge the production, talent and Portuguese culture through the construction of amazing homes. Uma Casa PortuguesaTM was supported by more than 100 Portuguese brands from micro to large companies, from the north to south. Together we show the quality and innovation of our produce. We prefer local products to value our resources, economy and laboring force but also to promote a conscious consumption, with a lower ecological footprint.

Build houses in Portugal made with local products reflecting the Portuguese traditional techniques with a contemporary architecture approach.

Be a referential of excellence in the real estate market with motivated stakeholders (employees, partners and suppliers).


  • Provide high quality services
  • Show positive and proactive attitude in all contacts with the customer
  • Promote an organizational culture with enthusiasm and sympathy
  • Add value to local resources and products promoting local economies, above any other interest
  • Divulge the contemporary Portugal, not only the traditional roots