Want to invest in Portugal, its products and culture? Uma Casa Portuguesa has the tools to help and guide you in this process. We develop houses projects in several locations throughout our country. Using our resources, you’ll easily own your very own “Uma Casa Portuguesa” and help to spread Portugal’s culture and products.

We can help in every step of the way:

  • Searching for the property: How to choose the property according to your investment profile? A detailed search and investment analysis to find the perfect house for you.
  • The project: How to define the program and draw the pans? In this design and planning stage we will work with you to outline the best house for your needs.
  • Construction management: Once all projects are approved we’ll manage the works (material acquisition, licensing, construction site, working teams management). So you don’t have anything to worry with.
  • Decoration and interiors: Once the construction is completed, we’ll find a tasteful decoration suitable to the usage and needs. So you can properly welcome your first guests.
  • Marketing and Communication: Count on us to create a specially tailored communication plan, find customers and manage your business. Because welcoming implies having the best team to manage your property.

Count with us to get the best results valuing your properties in Portugal. Welcome your clients home!